Youth Centre

Youth Centre

5 nights/week

for young people

age 8-19's

The main objective of the Hollington Youth Centre (HYC) is to provide a variety of activities that will positively engage children and young people living in the local community. Our intention is to support those who are deemed ‘at risk’ and are considered to be vulnerable members of the community by providing a range of services and opportunities to help increase future prospects and leisure time activities. HYC seeks to identify individual and group needs, facilitate self-awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses and encourage members to focus on personal targets. At the same time the HYC provides information, advice and guidance on issues relevant to the membership base by responding to individual/group needs raised during sessions. Finally and most importantly we aim to create a safe environment for young people where they can socialise, enjoy positive experiences and achieve the personal and social development that is critical for the transition into successful adulthood. HYC currently provides these opportunities for young people aged 8-19 years old, predominately from the Camberwell Green ward. The centre is open five nights a week offering a range of recreational, educational, personal and social development activities. HYC is the largest youth centre in the Camberwell and Dulwich areas, with a footfall of 2700 per annum. In doing so, it supports Camberwells Safer Neighbourhood team (SNT) in their priorities of reducing anti-social behavior, drug abuse and supply, weapons and gang culture. The targeted area is Poets Corner and Crawford Estates, both of which are within 5 minutes from the Centre. HYC is a vital resource for young people in one of the most deprived areas in Southwark with a third of young people living in poverty. Obesity, teenage conception and crime are critical issues affecting young people in Southwark. The levels of notable crimes in Camberwell are significantly high than in many parts of the Borough particularly crimes involving anti-social behaviour. We aim to engage with the young people affected by these statistics with the aim of building awareness through a set of activities focused on information, advice and guidance, sports and art activities and one to one pastoral care. Through our early intervention outreach programme we are able to identify and work with young people 85% of whom currently do not access any other form of youth provision within the area. We are able to support young people who feel disengaged from the community around them and actively encourage them to make a positive contribution to that community. HYC has spent over 120 years of service to the local community in alleviating poverty and supporting vulnerable young people. Social deprivation however remains a continuing problem: children with absent fathers, poverty, poor mortality rates, limited mobility as a community and with high levels of crime.  

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